The last concert of Kungpao in the year 2002

On 12th June, our band performed at the "Na Slamníku" Restaurant in Prague. It was for the third time during our "carreer" and we hope that not for the last time. In September 2002, our two members, Zdeněk and Honza, are going to China to spend a year studying Chinese music in Shanghai. I hope, when they come back, we will be able to show you some new things. This time, sinological community arrived in an extraordinarily big amount. This was especially disliked by the following band who brought only a few fans. To make the show even more interesting we invited to the stage the Chairman Dai Wei and his fellow comrade Lu Jieshi, who sang together with us some new, politically very actual songs. After Kapitan Kajman Band's disappointed leave from the stage. Kung Pao Band came again, this time with pipa, guzheng and erhu. Performance was nothing special, though, but I hope to get some photos from this part and publish them here.
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Photo (C) Jan Zajíc, scanning Lugiano